Wolf hybrids


Wolf hybrid, or wolf-dogs are a canid hybrid that was the result of the intentional mating of a wolf, or canis lupus, and a dog, or canis lupus familiaris. Wolf-dog as a term is commonly used by many of todays domestic dog breeders, basing their actions from the recent taxonomic re-categorization of the common domestic dog as an actual subspecies of wolves.

Wolf-dog hybrids

Wolf-dog hybrids

Wolf-dog hybrid have physical characteristics that aren’t always predictable. This reaction is very similar to how mixed-breed dogs, or mutts, come out of their mothers.

Some research involved in their genetics have revealed that wolf populations and dog populations started out diverging at around 10,000 years ago. It was also revealed that wolves and dogs have interbred only on rare occasions since then. This is where most studies have been pointing out as the time where the dissimilarity between wolves and dogs started to show up, both in the way they look and how they behave.

Wolf hybrids are also known to be animals that are naturally in an excellent health state. There are actually very few diseases that wolf hybrids inherit compared to a majority of the breeds of dogs that are existing right now.